Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, welcome to the ramblings of my first attempt at a blog. I was encouraged to consider participating in the "23 Things on a Stick" by my teacher, Ginny, in my Introduction to Library and Information Sciences class at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and my good friend of twenty-five years, Dottie of the Mayo Medical Libraries in Rochester, Minnesota. I have been spending my lunch hours there for about that length of time, and it was Dottie who shared with me the announcement that was sent out last year regarding MCTC's new online program in Library and Information Sciences. I have just finished my first class with what is probably the best score I have achieved in my entire life! This amazes me, as I have never been a very good student. The last college course that I took was in 1984 and I missed a "C" by one or two points. I was so discouraged that I turned my attention to other pursuits, such as theater and working with the Rochester Orchestra and Chorale. This time around however, I received 97.4 points out of a possible 100. There are many obvious reasons for the improvement of course. I am a little more mature (o.k. I turned 50 last year), and like many other older students, I have a much better idea of what I want to do and a substantial amount of life experience to help achieve it.

There is also another reason for the improvement. I have learned that the reason I have always had such a difficult time staying focused was that I have ADHD. So, before this class began I got a prescription for the appropriate medication and it has made an incredible difference. I only mention this because if I had had access to this medication years ago, I would have been able to do much better the first time around and might perhaps have received an MLS degree in my thirties rather than certificate degrees in my fifties. So if any readers know of a young person who just can't seem to concentrate on their studies no matter how hard they try, please encourage their parents to get them evaluated for Attention Deficit Disorder. You just might spare them an enormous amount of frustration and discouragement.

Now that I've offered a little back ground, I'll try to spend more time soon on the "23 Things." For the moment however, I'll just say that I haven't had too much trouble setting this up. Its nice to have the chance to learn things like this at my own pace. I had a little trouble at first with my avatar because apparently one of the programs on the computer I was using at the time needed to be upgraded. Once I was able to get on my own system though, it was no problem. I guess this is enough for one entry. I still have a lot to learn about blogging and I also need to start the next "Thing." I hope I can keep up with this because I can see how useful it will be down the road. My class has to come first though and the next one starts on June 2nd. Information Literacy and Research Skills.


Well, as you can see, a little time has passed since I began this blog. My courses would not allow me to keep it up. I eventually received two certificates from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College; one for Technical Information Services and another for Public Information Services. Having learned that these will not qualify me for a mid-level position in a library, I have enrolled at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, to pursue a Bachelor degree in the Information Science and Technology program. A requirement of my current course (Introduction to Information Resources on the Internet) is to create a blog and post to it on any subject of interest to me personally, including the various activities of the class. If you have looked at my profile, you know that my interests are rather diverse. I used to enjoy the fact that I felt equally at home field dressing a deer or standing on a concert stage in a tuxedo performing with the Rochester Orchestra and Chorale. I have completed the den that I spoke of and may share a few photos when I get a chance to upload them, since I am rather pleased with the way it has turned out. I modeled my bookcases after some that I have seen in the Mayo Medical Library, where I spend whatever time I can spare while at work. At this point, I need to put in a “plug” for the staff there. I cannot praise highly enough their friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge. They are all priceless friends.